you are the Magic

Welcome to the Jungle. Get ready to taste your magic. For one week I invite you to journey with me deep into the remote tropical rainforest of Costa Rica, a place where the wild remains untampered in its magic. In this invigorating jungle setting we will revitalize our physical bodies, and awaken our soul to spirit.

These retreats are aimed to get you back in touch with your inner being, with who you truly are behind all the layers of learned behaviors. To get you so still in what YOU truly are, that all the answers you need will be shown to you. Our days together will consist of grounding breath and movement, nourishing cuisine, connection ceremonies, embodiment rituals, and exploration of Self & Mother Nature. I am here to lead you to a place where you begin to peel back the layers to Self, finally liberating the authentic, raw, and divine being you hold within your vessel, the body. This is a Consciousness Expanding retreat, meaning that our emphasis will be on increasing our levels of self-awareness, under the guidance and facilitation of Spiritual + Embodiment Coach Vanessa Marrero

what our bodies were made for


When we move, our bodies create dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin. Movement literally makes your body, mind, and soul happy. Movement heals. Through movement of the physical body, we also move the energy within our inner beings. We connect with ourselves on a deeper level in the moment. It becomes like a ceremony with yourself, in whatever you choose. Movement can be free dance, yoga, animal flow, bodyweight HIIT, swim, run… doing what feels good for your body + soul. We will explore all types of movement during these retreats allowing you to embody and explore all, re-connecting to self.

The medicine is in the food


Medicine was never meant to come from a man-made lab. The real medicine comes from the food you eat. On these retreats you will experience food on a different level of farm to table. You will feel the physical and mental changes that attuning a diet can do. When you learn to tune in to your body it always tells you what it needs.

We will touch on Ayurveda practice, and how the food on your plate will give you life or slowly add to the separation from yourself. Fresh, organic, free –range, farm to table, you will taste it all, live it all, feel it all. Get ready to awaken all of your senses!

we allow our thoughts to have space


Through meditation we allow our thoughts to have space, we allow our inner 'noise' to be heard and released. Meditation is a learned practice. Almost like a remembering. We calm the nervous system with nature and breath, and we connect with our truth, we embody it, and learn to live from this space. Sitting with your own mind, with your emotions, is the practice of connecting with the Divine - YOU. Through listening within is how we can truly know how to find the vibration of happiness. We practice being in the present moment, on observing the feeling, and learning what it means to elevate your vibration. Allowing the light being inside of you to rise.

About Vanessa

My spiritual awakening journey began in 2018. I was in what seemed like a "perfect life" outside, but within I was so far from myself and I didn't know how I got there, and even less how to get myself out. In my pure rawness of deep emotions, confusion, heavy sadness and agony did I surrender unknowingly; instantly experiencing my first connection to divine love. I felt an outside energy shower me with the most pure infinite love, and all else was washed away from my being. As if love was hugging me...

This was the start of my path to self healing allowing me to experience one extreme side of disconnect with myself, to years later embodying true connection to the divine within. It is not until we allow ourselves to crumble in the face of the false stories we tell ourselves that we can fully feel truth within.

My purpose on this planet is to be what I needed during my journey, to be the light of your reflection. To teach you the tools, practices, and how to be with your-self, essentially leading a life from this sacred space, to flow instead of force. I am here to help awaken you back to you, to your essence, your magic, your divinity, and to your limitless power in creating your heaven on earth.

You are the Magic,